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Turtle Identification Help -- Do I Have A Map Turtle Or A River Cooter?

Discussion in 'Turtles' started by WolfyGecko, Aug 9, 2017.


What type of turtle do i have?

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  1. Tx Map Turtle

  2. Tx River Cooter

  3. Some other type of Map Turtle

  4. Some other type of River Cooter

  5. Some other type of turtle

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  1. WolfyGecko

    WolfyGecko New Member

    So I got a turtle from my brother and had done some research on it and came to the conclusion she was a TX Map... Or at least some kind of map.
    I posted on a turtle forum about help with her shell and behavior and was told she is actually a TX River cooter. My family and I have looked through a lot of pictures of both types of turtle, and even some other maps and cooters, but I'm not convinced either way. I was hoping that I could get more help at a few different forums with identifying my turtle. media_j6KPif_5f686ebba879c2e6b608d5721401d932.jpg media_nHW5hg_0b09a0609fc241982869fbc366a70edb.jpg
    Is there any possibility she's a hybrid? Her shell and head both have markings that point to different types of turtles. Have there been any cases of Map Turtle×River Cooter hybridizations?

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