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Sudden Aggression, Help!

Discussion in 'Rosy Boas & Sand Boas' started by SorshaKay, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. SorshaKay

    SorshaKay New Member

    Hello, I've owned my Mexican Rosy Boa for going on 9 years. She's as sweet as can be, has only struck me once when I picked her up too soon after eating and it was only a nip. About a week ago I went to handle her and she struck at me, closed mouth because she ran into my hand. I was stunned. I thought she may have been hungry so I moved her fake "plant" out of the way to put her plate in that we feed her on. She struck the plate and then pretty much anything that moved. I looked her body over what I could see, if there was anything injuring her, nothing. Her eyes are clear, her scales the normal color not close to shedding. I'm going to be honest, I don't know much about snakes. I feed her frozen, thawed pinkies weekly. She's eating great, no regurgitation or vomiting. She's in a 40G tank. I just tried to stick my hand in her tank semi close and she struck the plant. Every night for the past two weeks she is laying in the same spot. To me this is weird because before she has been in a different spot every time I see her. Her heat lamp is in the middle of her tank, it is the only place I can attach it to. Any more information needed just let me know. I can't even touch her and have no idea what could be causing this!

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  3. rimridge

    rimridge Well-Known Member

    Hi, May I ask how many pinky mice you are feeding your rosy a week? Your rosy boa is 9 years old and should be feeding on small to large adult mice, some time ago. depending on wether it is male or female. Sounds like your snake is hungry. I think you need to up your feeder size. Keep in mind that rosy boas are inclined to bite at movement sometimes,(without thinking) thinking it's food and to not wanting to miss a meal
  4. SorshaKay

    SorshaKay New Member

    Hello, I feed her once a week. I'm sorry, I think you are confusing the Mexican Rosy Boa with maybe Rosy Boa's in general? I am feeding her prey the size of the largest part of her body and pinkies do really well for her. I took her to the vet to get a general check up and the vet had mentioned that at first she thought pinkies weren't big enough, but when she got to handling her she said pinkies were great for her size. The vet said she was beautiful, no mites clean nose and mouth and had an excellent checkup.

    I figured out that her cage had actually gotten too hot and that's why she was striking. I fixed the problem immediately as soon as I had figured it out. Thank you for your help though.
  5. rimridge

    rimridge Well-Known Member

    Naw, I am not confusing Mexican rosys with any others. Sure there are many different localities, but they are all very similar with exeption to the coastal rosy boa with is the largest of the rosy boas. I am familiar with Mexican rosy boas because I keep and have bred Mexican rosy boas. My adult Mexican rosy boas are feeding on adult mice even the babies are on fuzzy mice after a few feedings on pinkies. Feeding an adult snake pinky mice is like raising a human on baby formula, your adult snake is not getting an adult meal, it is missing out on the benefits that a more developed mouse has to offer. Never did it occur to you that you might try feeding it a larger food item?
  6. SorshaKay

    SorshaKay New Member

    You don't have to be condescending. I tried larger prey a long time ago. But she is only as big around as my thumb, maybe a tiny bit larger, so does that mean that feeding prey as big as the largest part of their body is false? What about what a board certified exotic vet said, that pinkies was the optimal size of prey for her then?

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